Our Research

These are our research questions that we will be looking at this year.

Family Services: Which toys are for boys and which toys are for girls? What toys did your children get for Christmas? What toys did you play with as a child?

Admin Team: In what ways do we interact with men, and with women, who come into the Centre? Are there differences?

Early Years 1: How do we treat baby boys and girls differently as practitioners and parents, through what they wear, how we talk to them and the choices that we offer them?

Early Years 2: What do boys play with in our environment? What do girls play with in our environment?

Early Years 3: Where do boys play in our environment? Where do girls play in our environment?

Inns Court: ‘Where do boys mark make? Where do girls mark make? What do boys use to mark make? What do girls use to mark make?’

All of our research will be published later in the year!

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