Vision and Values

Our Equality Statement

Knowle West Nursery School is committed to promoting a shared understanding of individual's identities and personal stories; ensuring that all children and their families, feel valued and welcomed as part of our community.

Our Vision and Aims

We are a positive, happy, caring, learning community that is committed to:

  • Give all children the best possible start in life
  • Close the gap of disadvantage
  • Give all children the skills, dispositions and attitudes they need to become confident life-long learners with a strong sense of self and belonging
  • Work alongside children and their families so that they build a desire to learn, grow and develop
  • Build a learning environment where all children and their families are able to succeed and flourish
  • Build a strong sense of community in an inclusive setting
  • Build an environment of psychological safety where all children and families feel safe, valued and listened to.

Our Values

  • RESPECT – to be respectful towards ourselves and each other; to be polite and considerate
  • CONNECTION – to engage with others and build relationships where we all feel heard, understood and have a sense of belonging
  • KINDNESS – to be kind, compassionate, considerate, nurturing or caring towards ourselves and each other
  • SAFETY – to secure and protect, to ensure the safety of myself and others
  • AUTHENTICITY – to be authentic, genuine, real and honest; to be true to myself

We All Matter - We All Belong

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